Frequently Asked Questions 

How will I “attend” an online conference?
With your registration, you will receive a link (at a time closer to the date of the conference) to view all of the sessions LIVE. The sessions will be 7pm-11pm Eastern Time by the hour on the evenings of September 23-27. The exact schedule of when each speaker will be presenting are to be determined and will be released closer to the date.

If I miss the sessions, can I watch it after the fact?
YES! You will have access to all the recordings after the live stream. The only thing you will miss out on tuning in live is the opportunity to ask questions, and of course, the fun of knowing you’re watching the speakers in real time.

Can I purchase one ticket and watch it with a small group, or even with my church?
Technically, yes. However, please respect that I am paying speakers and incur costs putting on this conference. Your ticket sales pays for my cost and my time.

For a family or a small group (5-10 people), I am happy for you to purchase one ticket for your people. For a church or a group larger than 10 people in attendance, I’d ask that you purchase more than one ticket to help cover my costs and honor my time. For any group size, a maximum of 10 tickets is my suggested request.