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An Online Conference for the Intersection of Parenting and Progressive Faith

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It used to be that faith, a certain set of propositions and practices were passed down generation to generation, new parents following the lead of their predecessors without questioning the tenets of those doctrines. 

Today, we find ourselves at a time when church attendance is falling, the number of nones and dones are rising, and an increasing population of people becoming new parents who are at a loss for how to nurture their children’s spirituality and well-being when the foundations of their own faith are shaky. Reverend Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary says we are in a moment of “spiritual crisis and a spiritual flexibility.”


Are you…

… a loving parent who doesn’t want to transfer your spiritual baggage and the toxicity of faith that harms vulnerable groups like women and children, LGBTQ people, immigrants, disabled and neurodivergent folks, and people of color?

… questioning a faith that is propped up by fear of an angry, punitive God that propagates parenting that is controlling and authoritarian?

… still gripped by the anxieties that have always troubled humanity: finitude, death, trauma, loss, purpose and the complexities of relationships in addition to all the new threats our children face in this modern age?

… concerned about justice, equality, and invested in your conviction that we cannot rise unless we all rise?

… wanting to raise your children for kindness and justice but don’t have the tools and vocabulary to do it?


 Parenting Forward is an online conference seeking to boldly address these problems at such a time as this. Speakers are influencers leading conversations on contemporary issues that impact families and children within faith spaces and beyond. 


This conference will be of interest to those who are:
•  Post Evangelical or Exvangelical
• Progressive people of all faiths
• Parents
• Children’s Ministers (Sunday School teachers/Youth Group leaders)
• Educators
• Activists for intersectional justice with particular concern for child advocacy



Parenting Forward

About the host: Cindy Wang Brandt is the author of Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness, and the podcast host of Parenting Forward. She is the founder of popular Facebook group, Raising Children Unfundamentalist, a group dedicated to parenting and progressive faith. 





For clarity’s sake, Parenting Forward is unequivocally LGBTQ affirming, upholds women’s equal rights, and is hosted by a woman of color. Parenting Forward: The Online Conference focuses on faith and spirituality but does not hold a doctrinal or faith statement.

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To do justice well, we must commit to the game of raising children with justice for justice.

Cindy Wang Brandt